Fees & Policies

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Mobile Pet Doc Fees

• Mobile Fee: $88-$135
Depending on location. This is the fee for Mobile Pet Doc traveling to your home.

• Annual Examination: $74
Comprehensive yearly exam for current patients (+$10 for new patients).

• Sick Patient Examination: $88
Sick animal examination

• Emergency Examination: $125
If Mobile Pet Doc is not available, you can view a list of 24-hour emergency hospitals here.

• Abdominal Ultrasound: $165-$385
Depending on the size of your pet

• Microchip: $90
Lifetime registration

• Companion Laser Therapy: $60-$90
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• Laboratory work with medications: Varies
As necessary and in addition to examination fee

• Vaccinations: Varies
Requires examination prior to administration

• Technician appointment with travel: $95-$125. Only offered for current clients located in Virginia Beach with pets that have been seen within the last 6 months.

• Euthanasia: Euthanasia: $345-$425 depending on size of pet. Cremation costs are paid directly to the cremation company used.

Mobile Pet Doc Policies

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we ask for at least a 12-hour advance notice to do so. Cancellation fees are based on your location and are between $80-$100. Please know that we’ve implemented this policy as short notice cancellations can negatively impact our ability to serve other clients and their pets who may be in need.

Safe Pet Policy

Please inform us if your pet has any history of aggression or nervousness towards people. This includes growling, biting, scratching, or attacking family, friends, veterinary staff, etc.

Depending on previous history, some dogs may be required to wear a muzzle that will need to be placed by the client prior to the doctor’s arrival. If the owner cannot safely place a muzzle on their dog or they cannot be safely handled, we will not be able to visit.

Cats must be easily accessible and should be placed in a carrier prior to our arrival. If your cat cannot be safely handled or contained, we will not be able to visit.

Appointments with aggressive pets may be terminated at the discretion of the attending veterinarian if it is not safe for the patient, the client, or veterinary staff to continue the exam.

Mobile fees are charged for all visits, regardless if an exam is able to be completed.